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Petromar Engineered Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Gas Filtration Sizing Form

General Contact Information

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Service Description

Operating Conditions

Gas Description
Pressure  Bar g
Temperature  DEG. C.
Flow Rate  SCMH
Specific Gravity

Design Conditions

Maximum Allowable Clean Pressure Drop  Bar g
Design Pressure  Bar g
Design Temperature  DEG. C.
Corrosion Allowance  mm
Code Requirements
Material of Construction
Special Design Features

Liquid Contaminants

Liquid Flow litres/hr
Viscosity cP at operating conditions
Density kg/m3
Description of Liquids
Slugs Yes
Slug Size  litres
Entrained Yes
Droplet Size  Microns
Other Yes
Desired Removal Efficiency

Solid Contaminants

Description of Solids
Particle Size  Microns
Quantity  Weight %
Desired Removal  Microns


Differential Pressure Gauge Yes
Manual Vent Valve Yes
Manual Drain Valve Yes
Cover Lifting Device Yes
Internal Relief Valve Yes
Internal Epoxy Coating Yes
Pressure Relief Valve Yes
Level Gauge Yes
Level Controls Yes
Dump Valves Yes
Level Switches Yes
Additional Description


Petromar Engineered Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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